3D printing might save lives


Sure, 3D printers can make guns , but it can also be used for good: for instance, its capability to create whatever you want gives it a bright future in humanitarian efforts around the globe. Oxfam (an organization that seeks to eradicate poverty) agrees, that’s why it has partnered with online 3D printables platform MyMiniFactory for a mission in Lebanon. Their first collaboration? To find a printable water-efficient hand wash system for Syrian refugees who fled to the country in order to lower instances of diarrhea and other diseases. Here’s how the partnership works: MyMiniFactory will accept design submissions from anyone, and then select a few to email the Oxfam team. The org will then print and test these designs onsite, and then email MyMiniFactory on how to tweak them and make them better. Sadly, not every org out there comes with a 3D printer in tow, but a lot of humanitarians recognize the technology’s benefits and hope to take advantage of it soon. With the advent of more affordable 3D printers , that’s looking more and more possible. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if organizations start lugging around printers instead of actual equipment to produce everything from housing to medical supplies in the future. Filed under: Misc Comments Source: MyMiniFactory , Oxfam

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3D printing might save lives


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