A power user’s guide to OS X Server, Yosemite edition


Welcome to Yosemite Server. Andrew Cunningham OS X Server is in maintenance mode. That much was clear when Mavericks Server came out a year ago with just a handful of welcome-but-minor tweaks and improvements. The software hasn’t grown stagnant, really—certainly not to the extent of something like Apple Remote Desktop, which only gets updated when it’s time to support a new OS X version. But now OS X Server is changing very little from version to version, and since the untimely death of the Mac Mini Server , Apple isn’t even selling any kind of server-oriented hardware. Still, the Yosemite version of OS X Server changes enough to be worth revisiting. As with our pieces on Mavericks and Mountain Lion , this article should be thought of as less of a review and more of a guided tour through everything you can do with OS X Server. We’ll pay the most attention to the new stuff, but we’ll also detail each and every one of OS X Server’s services, explaining what it does, how to use it, and where to find more information about it. In cases where nothing has changed, we have re-used portions of last year’s review with updated screenshots and links. Table of Contents Installation, setup, and getting started Server.app basics OS X Server and AirPort Open Directory Users and Groups Comparison with Active Directory Profile Manager RIP Workgroup Manager, last of the Server Admin Tools File Sharing SMB 3.0: Optional encryption and performance improvements WebDAV FTP and SFTP Time Machine Xcode Caching Software Update Areas of overlap, and advice for moving forward Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Messages Mail Calendar Contacts Messages Connecting to your server NetInstall Creating a basic image with the System Image Utility Configuring images for booting Websites Wiki VPN DHCP DNS Xsan Conclusions: OS X Server is still kicking Installation, setup, and getting started Read 168 remaining paragraphs | Comments

A power user’s guide to OS X Server, Yosemite edition


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