AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are available for Microsoft Edge


Back in March, Microsoft started testing a version of its new Edge browser on Windows 10 with support for extensions. Now, one of the most-requested features is covered with the introduction of AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions for Edge. The feature list appears to be mostly intact from its Chrome and Firefox iterations, with the ability to block varying levels of ads or whitelist certain sites (like… for example). AdBlock for Edge Adblock Plus for Edge — WalkingCat (@h0x0d) May 6, 2016 Not everyone uses extensions for their browsing experience, but for those of us who rely on them every day, it’s impossible to consider switching to a browser without a healthy library of optional add-ons. You’ll need to be in the preview program to test out the extension-enabled browser, and if you are, just check the video below to find out how to install them. Via: Walking Cat (Twitter) Source: AdBlock (Windows Store) , AdBlock Plus (Windows Store)

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AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are available for Microsoft Edge


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