Adobe Photoshop adds Content-Aware Crop and font suggestions


Adobe usually announces significant updates to Creative Cloud every six months , and its delivering another right on schedule. While the changes are scattered across all of the apps in the company’s software subscription and its stock photo service, we’ll focus primarily on Photoshop. For its popular photo-editing app, Adobe is adding a Content-Aware Crop to the collection of smart design tools. Here, the software automatically fills in any gaps that are created when you either rotate and image or expand it beyond its original size. This new cropping option joins the handy Content-Aware Fill and other tools that make quick work of photo edits. Photoshop’s Liquify tool, a feature that’s used to tweak facial features , is getting an update as well. It’s now “Face-Aware, ” which means it’ll keep the subject’s face in proportion while you make those subtle adjustments. The application also has a new font-recognition tool that will not only identify licensed fonts, but it will suggest similar options that are available on your computer or through Adobe’s TypeKit service. A notable chance across all Creative Cloud apps include the ability to set permissions for design assets in CreativeSync. This means that when you’re working with a team, you can determine who sees what rather than having all of the images, fonts and other files available to everyone inside the CC software. There are also new search filters to that you can narrow results to still photos, video, vectors and illustrations. Adobe Premiere Pro, the company’s video-editing app, continues to add on the VR-related tools. This time the software gets a “field of view” preview mode to check progress on that immersive content. In After Effects, you can now match an animated character’s speech and movement with a real-life actor thanks to the Character Animator Preview. For Illustrator users, expect to easily export assets and artboards in multiple formats and resolutions with one click, rather than having to save separate files individually. All of the above updates are available now in Creative Cloud for subscribers, included in the cost of the software plan. Those prices are set at $10/month for the photography option (Lightroom and Photoshop only) and $50/month for the full suite of apps.

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Adobe Photoshop adds Content-Aware Crop and font suggestions


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