Aftermarket CarPlay console coming this fall, costs between $500 and $700


Soon, you’ll be able to use Apple’s CarPlay without buying a whole new car. Apple So far, consoles compatible with Apple’s CarPlay feature have only been integrated into a handful of high-end cars. If you want to use the feature without buying an entirely new vehicle, Alpine Electronics will soon be able to hook you up—Nikkei reports that the company will begin selling a standalone CarPlay console in the US and Europe this fall. The console is “likely” to have a 7-inch display and will reportedly cost between $500 and $700. Alpine already sells a lineup of entertainment and navigation systems , and it’s possible that this new CarPlay-compatible version will offer similar features when there’s no iPhone connected to it. Current CarPlay-compatible vehicles offer the CarPlay interface when an iPhone is connected, but it’s available as an alternative to the automakers’ own software solutions rather than a complete replacement. CarPlay was first demonstrated as “iOS in the Car” at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last year and was officially released earlier this year as part of the iOS 7.1 update . It provides access to Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation features, your music and podcasts, and a handful of third-party streaming services approved by Apple; as of this writing, there’s no public API that developers can use to support the feature independently. CarPlay requires a compatible in-dash display and an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S connected via a Lightning cable. Rumors of a wireless version of CarPlay persist, but it’s not clear whether these first CarPlay-compatible displays will be able to operate wirelessly when (and if) that capability arrives. Read on Ars Technica | Comments

Aftermarket CarPlay console coming this fall, costs between $500 and $700


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