Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 10,000 Workers, Calls It "Shift Plan"


Dawn Kawamoto writes “Alcatel-Lucent is planning to cut 10, 000 workers by 2015. The telecom equipment maker’s newly minted CEO calls this restructuring part of his Shift Plan. Under this plan, Alcatel-Lucent wants to save 1 billion Euros in costs and refocus its operations on next-gen IP networking, cloud and ultra-broadband access and away from legacy technologies like its 2G and 3G wireless. In the meantime, Wall Street thinks it may be cleaning itself up for a sale of some of its assets or its operations to Nokia, which will need to bolster its telecom equipment business after selling its smartphone operations to Microsoft. But a Nokia-Microsoft deal may be too little, too late.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 10,000 Workers, Calls It "Shift Plan"


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