Amazon delivery lockers now also accept returns


You’re not the only one who’s ever bought silly things from Amazon while drunk. Good thing Amazon has several return methods, the newest of which lets you send back that banana slicer through the company’s strategically placed delivery lockers . According to The Wall Street Journal , the e-commerce giant will now let you return duds that way, so long as you get a drop-off code from its Online Returns Center first. You’ll need that code to open a cabinet on the locker, where you can stick in a box (up to12x12x12 inches in size) that holds and conceals your embarrassing purchase. The WSJ says this move could save Amazon some serious cash, as up to a third of online purchases are usually returned and shipping’s one of the company’s biggest expenses. After all, carriers can retrieve items and deliver new orders at the same time whenever they visit a location. Unfortunately for customers, Amazon charges the same amount for locker returns as it does for UPS drop offs. We imagine it’s still a welcome development for folks who live or work near one of those lockers, though — whatever makes it more convenient to send back that Borat mankini , right? Filed under: Misc , Amazon Comments Via: Wall Street Journal Source: Amazon

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Amazon delivery lockers now also accept returns


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