And Now, a Tiny Japanese Roomba… for Your iDevice Screen


Although it seems that we’ve been soliciting your opinions with a simple “Yea or Nay” quite a bit lately—regarding this and this , for starters—we just as often herald instances of “hell in a handbasket” to connote examples of design or specific products that confound us. And while I’d surmise that a new product called the Automee S is an example of chindōgu , the fact that it will reportedly available for 1575 Yen (about $17) next month seems to be at odds with the spirit of ‘unuseless design.’ Unfortunately, the product page is in Japanese, so we’re relying on New Launches’ translation regarding details and specs. They write that “the little one has three tires for maneuvering and two made of paper which do the cleaning. The onboard sensors prevent the Automee S from falling off the edges and also lets it clean the entire surface evenly.” New Launches also notes that it takes four minutes to clean a phone and eight to clean a tablet, which makes it good for 45 and 22 complete cleans on a single AA battery. (more…)

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And Now, a Tiny Japanese Roomba… for Your iDevice Screen


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