Android 4.3 supports TRIM, improves performance on Nexus devices


It’s no secret that many Android phones and tablets show a decrease in performance over time. Nexus devices are not immune — it’s particularly noticeable with the original Nexus 7 . Our friend Brian Klug over at A nandTech discovered an interesting tidbit while testing the new and improved Nexus 7 : Android 4.3 supports TRIM . What this means is that Google’s mobile OS can now instruct the flash storage controller when to collect / recycle unused data pages / blocks. The net result is that devices running Android 4.3 will no longer become sluggish with time — in fact, existing Nexus handsets and tablets will see performance improve after the update. It also looks like Jelly Bean invokes TRIM maintenance once within a 24-hour window (after one hour of inactivity), and only if the battery is 80% full (30% when charging). Follow the source link below for all the details. Filed under: Cellphones , Tablets , Mobile , Google Comments Source: AnandTech

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Android 4.3 supports TRIM, improves performance on Nexus devices


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