Apple App Store hits 60 billion cumulative downloads


Over 64% of compatible devices are already running iOS 7, according to Apple, making it by far the company’s most successful mobile operating system. In all, iOS 7 was downloaded over 200 million times in the first five days after it was released. Apple also reported paying developers over $13 billion to date, thanks to the over 1 million apps available in the App Store, which have hit over 60 billion cumulative downloads. (Apple still has the edge over Android; there are about 900, 000 apps available in the Google Play store.) Some other notable milestones: More than 20 million people have checked out iTunes Radio, listening to over a billion songs — in the U.S. alone. Over 9 million iPhones were sold in one weekend after the 5c and 5s launched, making it the biggest iPhone launch in history. Developing… Comments

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Apple App Store hits 60 billion cumulative downloads


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