Apple (Sort Of) Selling Square Reader (Although It’s Free)


    Square is a great little device for capturing credit card information for quick sales. It is free. However, you can now buy the device for $9.95 in the Apple Store. That’s right – in the mail, free. At the Apple Store, $9.95. The Apple tax is, as they say, alive and well.

    To be fair, you do get the convenience of having a ready-to-use device in your hot little hands so like Apple’s foray into selling batteries (remember that?) this is more about customers saying “Eh, I’ll pick it up while I’m here” rather than Apple saying “We are a rapacious company out to screw people.”

    UPDATE – Hell hath no fury like an Apple fanboy scorned. I was just schooled by some readers and read “Receive $10 instantly when you activate your Square account” in the product page. So basically Apple is paying YOU 5 cents. Mea culpa.

    Product Page via Giz

    See the article here:
    Apple (Sort Of) Selling Square Reader (Although It’s Free)


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