Apple to announce plans for $100 billion cash pile on Monday


    Apple is planning a conference call first thing Monday morning to “announce the outcome of the Company’s discussions concerning its cash balance.” The company made this announcement in a statement on Sunday and the news will take place at 9am Eastern Time on Monday, March 19.

    The surprise call comes as Apple’s board has been barraged with questions—more than usual, that is—about the company’s plans for its massive pile of cash. Apple is coming dangerously close to the $100 billion mark ($97.6 billion, to be exact) in the bank. With no outstanding debts to be seen, investors have been stepping up their questions to CEO Tim Cook and COO Peter Oppenheimer about whether Apple plans to finally start paying dividends to stockholders, invest the money in something new, or pursue any other plans possibly in the works.

    It’s unlike Apple to announce a call for the sole purpose of discussing its cash situation, so there might be some news on its way come Monday morning. What do you think it will be? Vote in our poll and find out what the answer is tomorrow morning when we cover Apple’s announcement.

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    Apple to announce plans for $100 billion cash pile on Monday


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