Apple’s new iPad Pro is an expansive 12.9 inches, available in November


We were expecting new iPhones today, and we were even expecting Apple TV announcements, but whether Apple would update its iPad line was more difficult to say. It seems Apple is bucking its own announce-new-iPads-in-October trend, however, because the company just added a 12.9″ iPad to its lineup. The so-called iPad Pro is 6.9mm thick and weighs 1.57 lbs—slightly heavier than the 1.54 lbs first-generation iPad. According to Apple, it will have a 10-hour battery life. The new tablet will be called the iPad Pro, and the entry-level version comes with a healthy 32GB of storage, rather than the 16GB of the other iPad base models. The iPad Pro also comes in a 128GB version. Pricing on those Wi-Fi-only tiers is $799 and $949. An LTE version (which comes with a 150mbps LTW modem) will only be available in the 128GB version, and will cost $1079. Apple confirmed that the iPad Pro’s screen has a 2732×2048 resolution, as had been rumored in the weeks leading up to this event, with 5.6 million pixels.Taking the stage at Apple’s launch event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller explained the design choice. “Let’s start with the display: Why make a bigger one?,” he said. “You can touch your documents, touch your books, interact with everything. It does things an iPhone can’t do since it doesn’t have to be pocketable, does things a notebook can’t do because it’s holdable.” Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Apple’s new iPad Pro is an expansive 12.9 inches, available in November


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