Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to give first two games a modern update


    It’s been a good week for fans of old-school PC RPGs. First, a team led by Interplay’s Brian Fargo found Kickstarter funding for a sequel to post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland. Then, a months-long countdown clock on expired to reveal the existence of Enhanced Edition updates for the first two games in the popular Dungeons and Dragons-inspired Baldur’s Gate series.

    The new edition is a joint effort between Atari, Wizards of the Coast, and Beamdog, which previously released an HD update for third-person shooter MDK2. Few details are available on how exactly the new editions will change the series’ classic gameplay, but the development team, headed by BioWare veteran Trent Oster and including “original Baldur’s Gate developers,” has promised “to remain true to the spirit of the game.”

    Crucial details like planned platforms and a release date are still unknown, but a Beamdog rep tells Joystiq to expect “regular announcements every week” regarding the game’s development. Beamdog’s Cameron Tofer also told GameSpy that a true Baldur’s Gate 3 sequel remains a “long term goal” that might work as a future Kickstarter project, but that such a sequel is definitely not in the works yet. Way to tease us, Tofer!

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    Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to give first two games a modern update


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