Because sometimes a hostel just doesn’t cut it.


    Rent Liechtenstein. Last Summer, Snoop Dogg tried to rent Liechtenstein for a music video shoot. Now, thanks to Airbnb, you can actually rent the entire country for $70k a night, with a two-night minimum.

    From the first link: Renaming city streets and town squares, printing your own temporary currencies, and carving logos into the snow on the mountainside is just the beginning. You can also choose to be welcomed with a custom medieval festival, or be greeted by marching bands and mayors who will present you with the key to the city. Renters can sip wine at the Prince’s estate while being wowed by a fireworks show.

    If you were to rent the country of Liechtenstein, it would apparently accommodate only 450 to 900 people. It has 500+ bedrooms, and the minimum stay is two nights. The rental rates start at $70,000 a night to accommodate 150 people, which includes catering and “basic branding.

    Airbnb previously.

    Epic International MetaFilter Meet-Up?

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    Because sometimes a hostel just doesn’t cut it.


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