Bento Book by Rene Lee


    Modern life is full of portable digital devices, each with it’s unique interaction, chip-set, and form factor making it uniquely appropriate for it’s own set of use cases. Managing all of these devices can be a pain to say the least when it comes to syncing, transporting, charging, and most importantly sharing and creating content. In response to this, RISD ID student and former frog design intern, Rene Lee, has designed the Bento Book.

    The Bento Book is a system of devices that work together… kind of like Voltron. The phone, tablet, hard drive, and battery dock into the base of the laptop to essentially form half of it. The phone becomes the track pad, the tablet becomes a touch screen keyboard/input area, somewhat like a Nintendo DS. Content can be surfed on the tablet, and then say you want to modify that content, or interact with it more deeply, you dock the tablet into the screen to continue working with it in a more focussed way. Then you can pop the phone out to take it all on the road.

    The Bento Book is a nice manifestation of where the current trend of device convergence could go. Check out all the details on Rene’s site HERE


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    Bento Book by Rene Lee


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