Breath of the Wild hack is like Garry’s Mod for Zelda


This 18-minute video shows off what can be done with the item-spawning power of the Accio Code. Games like Fallout 4 notwithstanding , console gamers by and large miss out on the ocean of user-made modifications that let PC gamers tweak and enhance their games well past release. A team of hackers is working to fix that situation for the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , though, using some intricate homebrew to create an ersatz debug mode that lets players spawn objects arbitrarily in the game world. Much like the popular Garry’s Mod initially let players manipulate the sandbox that is Valve’s Half-Life 2 , the Breath of the Wild “Accio Code” lets you “spawn anything, anywhere,” as the title for this extensive demonstration video puts it. With the Accio Code in place, you can make anything from bananas to boulders rain down from the sky, revive multiple copies of long-dead non-player characters, or spawn a room full of the game’s toughest bosses to attack each other. Using the Accio Code, it’s pretty easy to obtain 999,999 rupees (the in-game limit, apparently), give yourself the game-concluding Bow of Light at any time, or create stamina-increasing vials that can raise your maximum stamina past the usual limit. You can also easily fill the screen with so much detritus that the overloaded game engine slows to a crawl and the game activates a scene-resetting Blood Moon to save itself. Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Breath of the Wild hack is like Garry’s Mod for Zelda


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