10-18-11 – Valerie Richards – hacker insurance!

Late in the coming, but here it is. Valerie Richards tell us all about Cyber Liability and Hacker Insurance!

10-11-11 – All the news about he new iPhone 4s, IOS5 and more!

All the news about he new iPhone 4s, IOS5 and more!

10-04-11 – Apple iPhone 4S preview!

What new goodies does Apple have for us? Find out!

09-27-11 – The Latest in Tech News!

What's news to you? Find out!

09-20-11 – Windows 8 Preview with Ken May

So much great news! Today's show is all tech news and a preview of Windows 8!

09-13-11 – Ryan Lynch

Ryan Lynch of Utopia Creative Electronics gives us a rundown of all the awesome new tech at CEDIA 2011!

09-06-11 – Rod Tuazon

Rod Tuazon tells us all about the latest in technology and Real Estate.

08-30-11 – Tony Spore

Tony Spore of the VV2C tells us all about upcoming Open Source projects!

08-23-11 – Chad Steen of Team Mediaportal

Chad Steen tells us all about the awesome open source media center app called Mediaportal. Find out more at http://team-mediaportal.com

08-16-11 – Michael from Bite Bolt

Michael tells us all about Bite Bolt - a new food delivery service. enter the coupon code kkzzken for a $5 discount!