Coffee stain? Menswear brand will deliver a fresh white shirt in under 90 mins


Add / Remove The idea of an emergency wardrobe service isn’t an especially new one — we recently wrote about the Closet S.O.S. campaign the Costa Rican branch of Forever 21, for example. However, these services are often aimed at women, but the fashion industry is increasingly moving towards the newly fashion-conscious male market and London-based tailor Thomas Pink’s 90-Minute Delivery service helps customers quickly replace a smart shirt in the case of an emergency. Many people will have experienced the mishap of organizing an important post-lunch meeting, only to have gotten food or drink down their shirt while devouring their meal. Rather than wasting their preparation time in the restroom frantically trying to get rid of the stain, Thomas Pink customers in central London can now simply select from a range of white shirts and have them delivered within an hour and a half. Available at any time between 9AM and 4PM, the service offers Classic Fit, Slim Fit and Super Slim Fit shirts in both button and double cuff styles from GBP 89. The shirts can also be ironed or gift wrapped on order. The service could help businessmen avoid awkward wardrobe malfunctions and present themselves professionally even in the event of a disaster stain. Are there other situations where last-minute delivery could save customers from embarrassment? Website: Contact:

Coffee stain? Menswear brand will deliver a fresh white shirt in under 90 mins


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