DARPA flaunts wearable display with Oculus-like head-tracking


DARPA has long sought a heads-up display to give soldiers situational awareness without distracting them, and it looks like technology has finally caught up to that ambition. It recently unveiled a new ULTRA-Vis prototype at its DARPA Demo Days , saying the breakthrough was a “holographic wave guide” display. Similar to how the Oculus Rift headset works (but not in 3D), it’ll project color images locked to the terrain — even if you move your head — thanks to motion-sensing and GPS systems. For instance, targeting icons will stay fixed on enemy or friendly positions, even tracking targets behind GIs with a 360-degree ring-like display. It’ll also allow soldiers to communicate with each other, their base camp or air support, and play drone video in the display. Like similar projects , the prototype is far from battle-ready, but will function as a test-bed for all of DARPA’s wild ideas until the final design is complete. [Image credit: Breaking Defense] Filed under: Wearables Comments Via: Breaking Defense Source: DARPA

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DARPA flaunts wearable display with Oculus-like head-tracking


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