Diamond Rain In Saturn


Taco Cowboy writes “Back in 1999, it was postulated that diamonds may rain from the sky in the atmospheres of our solar system’s gas giants. Now, research has shown that diamond rains on Saturn are more than probable. ‘”We don’t want to give people the impression that we have a Titanic-sized diamondberg floating around, ” said researcher Mona Delitsky, of California Specialty Engineering, “We’re thinking they’re more like something you can hold in your hand.” Recent data compiled by planetary scientists … has been combined with newly published pressure temperature diagrams of Jupiter and Saturn. These diagrams, known as adiabats, allow researchers to decipher at what interior level that diamond would become stable. They also allow for calculations at lower levels – regions where both temperature and pressure are so concentrated that diamond becomes a liquid. Imagine diamond rain or rivulets of pure gemstone.’ ‘At even greater depths, the scientists say the diamond will eventually melt to form liquid diamond, which may then form a stable ocean layer.’ Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Diamond Rain In Saturn


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