Dropbox makes it easy to upload files on iOS 8


It’s a lot easier uploading files to Dropbox now, assuming you use an iPhone or an iPad loaded with iOS 8. This latest update adds an action extension to apps like Photos and Notes, letting you upload files directly instead of having to (ugh) fire up the cloud service first, navigate to “Add Files” and find what you want to save. You will have to set it up after downloading the newest version, but it’s not that hard: just open up Photos or Notes, click the upload arrow button, choose More (…) from the bottom row of icons, and toggle on “Save to Dropbox.” Easy peasy. As a nice extra feature, you’ll also be able to open PDFs you click on websites through the cloud storage app, giving you a way to view them on a more desktop-like interface. Filed under: Misc , Mobile Comments Via: 9to5mac Source: iTunes

Dropbox makes it easy to upload files on iOS 8


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