ETSI Formalizes The 40% Smaller 4FF Nano-SIM Standard



    The powers at the ETSI just released the specifications for a new SIM format. This card, the fourth form factor or the 4FF, is 40% smaller than the current micro-SIM card. It looks very similar to traditional SIM cards with a rectangle design and a notched corner. It’s just smaller at 12.3mm by with the same thickness as the current cards. Even with the smaller size, these cards will be packaged in a way that will make them compatible with existing SIM hardware.

    Even though the ETSI didn’t come out and say it, as The Next Web points out, this card seems to match up with the design Apple proposed. If true, this flies in the face of other industry giants, Nokia and Motorola, who previously argued against Apple’s design, citing that several issues with the smaller SIM card including that it would not be friendly with mobile hardware. At this point it doesn’t matter. The ETSI has ruled and the 4FF will eventually be rolled out industry wide.

    ETSI Formalizes The 40% Smaller 4FF Nano-SIM Standard


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