Facebook adds clickable hashtag support to your News Feed


Facebook wants to help you make your conversations just a little more discoverable (if you so desire), and it’s decided to finally include a long-missing feature — clickable hashtags — to the News Feed. If you’ve ever enjoyed hashtag searches on Twitter, Instagram or other social networks (some of our friends enjoy them a little too much, if you ask us), you’ll now have the same feeling of exhilaration on Zuckerberg’s service as you are now able to click on each one. Up until today, any hashtags from imported tweets or Instagram posts just showed up as regular text, with no backlink to accompany them. When it comes to the visibility of your own hashtags, Facebook won’t allow any unintended audiences to see your private updates, so you remain in control of your desired privacy. The company also plans to roll out trending hashtags and other related features in the coming months, but this is a good start for now. The company’s official blog post can be found below. Filed under: Facebook Comments Source: Facebook

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Facebook adds clickable hashtag support to your News Feed


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