Fano Flow


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    “Fano flow” is a term used for some of the strange ways non-Newtonian fluids move. From the YouTube page:

    In the so-called ”tubeless” syphon, a fluid can be made to flow up through an unsupported liquid column above the free surface of the liquid. One way to achieve this is by slowly withdrawing and raising a syringe from a pool of the liquid below.

    In the so-called ”open channel” syphon, after initially commencing the
    flow of an elastic fluid from say a beaker, the fluid will continue to
    flow up the side and over the lip of the beaker for sometime despite the level of its free surface having fallen considerably below the top of the beaker. In this way the slightest spill will cause the beaker to partly empty in what is commonly refereed to as a ‘’self-syphoning” effect.

    -via TYWKIWDBI

    More here:
    Fano Flow


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