FBI employees love the BitTorrent


TorrentFreak used the ScanEye BitTorrent monitoring service to check what was being downloaded by IP addresses associated with the FBI. There’s a lot: As can be seen above there is a particular interest in movies and TV-show downloads at the FBI’s largest division. Some of the titles are relevant to the intelligence community such as “Homeland”, “The Girl Who played With Fire”, “The Good Wife” and “Dexter”. Other titles, including the Aussie soap opera Home and Away, are more general entertainment. The big question is of course why these FBI IP-addresses are showing up in BitTorrent swarms. The most likely explanation is that employees were downloading these videos for personal entertainment. This wouldn’t be much of a surprise really, as we’ve seen this before at congressional offices the Department of Justice, national parliaments, record labels and movie studios. FBI Employees Download Pirated Movies and TV-Shows [Ernesto/TorrentFreak]

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FBI employees love the BitTorrent


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