FBI Seized 144,000 Bitcoins ($28.5 Million) From Silk Road Bust


SonicSpike writes “An FBI official notes that the bureau has located and seized a collection of 144, 000 bitcoins, the largest seizure of that cryptocurrency ever, worth close to $28.5 million at current exchange rates. It believes that the stash belonged to Ross Ulbricht, the 29-year-old who allegedly created and managed the Silk Road, the popular anonymous drug-selling site that was taken offline by the Department of Justice after Ulbricht was arrested earlier this month and charged with engaging in a drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy as well as computer hacking and attempted murder-for-hire. The FBI official wouldn’t say how the agency had determined that the Bitcoin ‘wallet’ — a collection of Bitcoins at a single address in the Bitcoin network — belonged to Ulbricht, but it was sure they were his. ‘This is his wallet, ‘ said the FBI official. ‘We seized this from DPR, ‘ the official added, referring to the pseudonym ‘the Dread Pirate Roberts, ‘ which prosecutors say Ulbricht allegedly used while running the Silk Road.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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FBI Seized 144,000 Bitcoins ($28.5 Million) From Silk Road Bust


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