FBI Used FedEx To Sneak Dotcom's Hard Drives Out of NZ


    First time accepted submitter bpkiwi writes “FBI agents, working with New Zealand police on the Megaupload case, took a copy of Kim Dotcom’s hard drives and then immediately sneaked out of the police facility and FedEx’ed them back to the USA. Despite the fact that removal of evidence in this manner without official approval (and a chance for the defendant to challenge it) appears to be illegal, the New Zealand government is now left arguing on a technicality — that the law only covers ‘physical’ items.” Things got slightly better for Megaupload users trying to get their files back today. In a court filing the MPAA said users can have their files back as long as access to copyrighted files is blocked. “The MPAA Members are sympathetic to legitimate users who may have relied on Megaupload to store their legitimately acquired or created data, although the Megaupload terms of use clearly disclaimed any guarantee of continued access to uploaded materials,” MPAA lawyers write.

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    FBI Used FedEx To Sneak Dotcom's Hard Drives Out of NZ


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