Firefox 48 finally enables Electrolysis for multi-process goodness


Firefox, at long last, is going multi-process. Electrolysis (e10s), barring an eleventh-hour mishap, is coming to the masses with Firefox 48. In the words of long-time Mozillan Asa Dotzler, this is the most significant Firefox change the foundation has ever shipped. Back in July 2015, Firefox’s director of engineering Dave Camp said that some major changes were on their way, with the hope of winning back users and developers . Firefox’s market share has been flat or declining since 2010, ever since Chrome first started making major inroads. Finally getting e10s out the door (it was first announced in 2009!) was listed as one of Camp’s priorities, along with accelerating the retirement of XUL and XBL. Mozilla has been trialling Electrolysis to small groups of beta users since December 2015. In Firefox 48, which should be entering beta later today, e10s will be available to all users. Then, assuming no game-breaking issues are found, in six weeks (around August 2) the stable build of Firefox 48 will be released to the public with e10s enabled. Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Firefox 48 finally enables Electrolysis for multi-process goodness


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