Ford’s smartwatch apps let drivers unlock their electric car


In recent months, both Hyundai and Volvo have launched smartwatch apps, allowing car owners to control some of their vehicle’s functions from the comfort of their wrist. Now Ford wants in on the action. In the latest update to its MyFord app, available on both iOS and Android Wear, the car maker is letting drivers of select electric and plug-in hybrid models access information on their vehicle battery status (including the estimated range), enable the air-conditioning, lock and unlock the car and follow directions to where their car is parked. One particularly interesting feature is the addition of a personal driving score, which indicates how well you are driving by factoring in your average miles to the gallon, distance traveled and how efficiently you accelerate and slow down. The more green leaves you see on the display, the better you’re driving. If you drive a Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric or Ford Fusion Energi and either an Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch (or both, if you’re flash with the cash), you can download the app right now. Filed under: Transportation , Wearables , Mobile , Apple , Google Comments Via: Ford Source: MyFord (App Store) , (Google Play) Tags: android, android wear, apple, applewatch, ford, google, ios, mobilepostcross, myford, smartwatch

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Ford’s smartwatch apps let drivers unlock their electric car


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