French Legislation Would Block Tor and Restrict Free Wi-Fi


Several readers sent word that French newspaper Le Monde got its hands on documents showing the French government is debating two new pieces of legislation that are unfriendly to internet users. The first would ban people from sharing Wi-Fi connections during a state of emergency. “This comes from a police opinion included in the document: the reason being that it is apparently difficult to track individuals who use public Wi-Fi networks.” The second would forbid the use of Tor within France’s borders. “The main problem with such a ban on Tor is that it wouldn’t achieve a whole lot. Would-be terrorists could still access Tor from outside the country, and if they did manage to access Tor from within France I doubt they’re concerned about being arrested for illegal use of the network.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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French Legislation Would Block Tor and Restrict Free Wi-Fi


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