Gibson has crammed a digital recorder inside a guitar cable


When I was an aspiring musician a few years back, I’d always forget new guitar licks that would arise from just messing around at rehearsals. Well, Gibson is looking to remedy that, and has partnered up with Tascam to do so. The result is the Memory Cable: a 1/4-inch instrument cable for guitar, bass, synths, drum machines and keyboards with a built-in audio recorder. Capable of capturing up to 13 hours of tunes, the accessory tracks to a micro SD card in CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution which can be easily uploaded to recording software — should the need arise. Uncrate reports that the add-on will be priced at $100 when it arrives in the US on May 15th. This rate includes the 16-foot cable with a 4GB micro SD card, but we’re not seeing any official word from Gibson just yet. Of course, you’ll be able to record your entire gig to see just how bad you messed up. So there’s that. Filed under: Misc , Peripherals Comments Via: Uncrate Source: Gibson

Gibson has crammed a digital recorder inside a guitar cable


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