Google 'Account Activity' Jumps Into Personal Analytics


    An anonymous reader tips news of a new feature announced by Google today: Account Activity. Writing on their official blog, Google’s Andreas Tuerk said, “If you sign up, each month we’ll send you a link to a password-protected report with insights into your signed-in use of Google services. For example, my most recent Account Activity report told me that I sent 5 percent more email than the previous month and received 3 percent more. An Italian hotel was my top Gmail contact for the month. I conducted 12 percent more Google searches than in the previous month, and my top queries reflected the vacation I was planning: [rome] and [hotel].” You may remember from earlier this month that Stephen Wolfram began showing some of the extensive personal analytics data he has collected over the past 20 years.

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    Google 'Account Activity' Jumps Into Personal Analytics


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