Google Chrome OS: Obvious to the point of being boring.


    Ok, folks, calm down. There’s been a ton of discussions about the google chrome OS. But let’s just calm down here because really we don’t know very much at all. What we know: Created By Google Includes Chrome Web Browser Uses Linux Kernel All applications probably run within the chrome browser That’s it folks. We don’t know if it runs offline or online. Is there local storage, or not? We don’t know. Look, the idea of a browser OS is obvious. I ask non-technical people about what they use a computer for, and they can’t come up with anything which is NOT in the browser. Why have native code, viruses, trojan horses, and all that mess? Google Gears and other systems like Dojo Offline let you store state and files for a specific browser app. Adding interfaces to bridge between JS and mounting a file system via usb or bluetooth isn’t that hard. This is the same path that Palm has taken with it’s Pre. It’s where things are going. As JS gets better it will eventually become our front end language. Is it good? I don’t know, but it’s definitely the direction things are going. So calm down, enjoy the right, and thank the gods that we have things like jquery to make life easier.

    Google Chrome OS: Obvious to the point of being boring.


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