Google Glass community goes on charm offensive, plans a #glassnightout


Glass has gotten a bad rep over the past few months, particularly in bars where other patrons think mistakenly think Explorers are recording their every move (or they actually are ). To help improve that image, Google is encouraging owners to go out on the town this Saturday night wearing their high-tech glasses. To some, a bar full of Glass wearers might sound like the Worst Saturday Night Ever, but the hope is the cyborg masses will be able to educate the public a little better than when they’re flying solo . The #GlassNightOut also offers the opportunity to mix and mingle with other Explorers — a rare experience if you’re living somewhere outside of San Francisco, and probably a lot more fun than going on Field Trip by your lonesome . If you’re interested in checking out one of the Meetups this weekend, hit the source link for a full list of participating cities and locations. Not a people person? Well, Google Glass might be the wingman you’ve been looking for. Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Filed under: Wearables , Mobile , Google Comments Source: Google+

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Google Glass community goes on charm offensive, plans a #glassnightout


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