Google Glass now displays your iPhone’s text messages


On the heels of last week’s KitKat update , Google Glass nabbed up two more notable improvements today. First, iOS users can now have their text messages displayed on Glass, after a quick toggle of the Bluetooth settings. Here’s the catch: “due to some limitations with iOS, ” you wont be able to reply to those messages directly from the headset. There’s also a new Calendar Glassware that situates an agenda to the left of the home screen. Tapping a card in that timeline will allow you edit title, time, location and even RSVP. If you’d rather just skip those festivities altogether, you can delete events or hide them from view. Both of the new features are said to be rolling out to early adopters “in the next few days, ” so keep your eyes peeled. Filed under: Wearables , Software , Mobile , Google Comments Source: Google Glass (G+)

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Google Glass now displays your iPhone’s text messages


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