Google has removed 170,000-plus URLs under “right to be forgotten” edict


Google Google says it has removed 170,706 URLs in the wake of a European high court ruling in May requiring search engines to take down “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant” materials from search results upon request by EU citizens. In all, the search giant said it has already been asked to remove about half a million URLs from its search results, and it has removed about 42 percent of them, according to its latest Transparency Report  published Thursday. “In evaluating a request, we will look at whether the results include outdated or inaccurate information about the person,” the report said. “We’ll also weigh whether or not there’s a public interest in the information remaining in our search results—for example, if it relates to financial scams, professional malpractice, criminal convictions or your public conduct as a government official (elected or unelected). Our removals team has to look at each page individually and base decisions on the limited context provided by the requestor and the information on the webpage. Is it a news story? Does it relate to a criminal charge that resulted in a later conviction or was dismissed?” Read 6 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Google has removed 170,000-plus URLs under “right to be forgotten” edict


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