Google turns Toontastic into a 3D storytelling app


Google Education has launched a 3D version of Toontastic, almost two years after Mountain View bought the company that created it. The new Toontastic stays true to the original version: it’s still a storybook app, except now kids can work with 3D characters and environments. They can animate short three-dimensional movies by customizing characters and placing them in interactive scenarios, or they can use the tool to make projects for school. Google describes the updated Toontastic as some sort of a digital puppet theater. The app is now out on the App Store and on Google Play for phones, tablets and select Chromebooks. Mountain View’s Education division regularly works on projects kids can learn from and enjoy, such as initiatives that teach them how to code . Last year, it developed a way to make exploring the Himalayas online more fun with the help of a friendly jetpack-riding yeti named Verne. It also once offered a $30, 000 scholarship prize for a Google Doodle contest featuring K-12 students in the US. Source: Google Education

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Google turns Toontastic into a 3D storytelling app


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