Google’s Self-Driving Car Just Got Slightly More Real


They could have done worse : as of yesterday afternoon, the Google Self-Driving Car Project has made a concerted push into the public eye with the unveiling of a pod-like prototype vehicle and a few new videos about what they’ve been up to lately. It’s a stripped-down electric two-seater—no steering wheel or pedals to speak of—that tops out at 25mph and is strictly intended for demonstration and pilot purposes, as seen in the video below: This is not by any means a production vehicle—they’re making “about a hundred” of them for now—so I’ll leave it to our dear readers to provide feedback on the styling (it’s on our discussion boards as of 8:26am this morning). All I can say is, open those doors up and I dare you not to picture a cutesy cartoon koala. An early rendering of the prototype Some talking points, regarding how they are presenting the self-driving car and what they’ve disclosed about the project in the videos they’ve released thus far (embedded below): (more…)

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Google’s Self-Driving Car Just Got Slightly More Real


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