Hacker Group Demands "Idiot Tax" From Payday Lender


    snydeq writes “Hacker group Rex Mundi has made good on its promise to publish thousands of loan-applicant records it swiped from AmeriCash Advance after the payday lender refused to fork over between $15,000 and $20,000 as an extortion fee — or, in Rex Mundi’s terms, an ‘idiot tax.’ The group announced on June 15 that it was able to steal AmeriCash’s customer data because the company had left a confidential page unsecured on one of its servers. ‘This page allows its affiliates to see how many loan applicants they recruited and how much money they made,’ according to the group’s post on dpaste.com. ‘Not only was this page unsecured, it was actually referenced in their robots.txt file.'”

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    Hacker Group Demands "Idiot Tax" From Payday Lender


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