Hitachi Announces “World’s Smallest And Lightest” Short-Focus Projectors


    Hitachi announced [JP] the CP-A300NJ (pictured) and the CP-AW250NJ today, the latest addition to their short-focus projector line-up. What’s special about these two models is that they are, according to Hitachi, “the world’s smallest and lightest” short-focus projectors: the devices are sized at W345×H85×D303mm and weigh just 3.8kg.

    Hitachi says that the CP-A300NJ is capable of producing 80-inch pictures from just 23cm away (26cm in the case of the other model). The CP-A300NJ produces images with 1,024×768 resolution and 3,000 lumens brightness (CP-AW250NJ: 1,280×800 resolution pictures/2,500 lumens brightness).

    Both models features 2xD-Sub, an HDM interface, a USB port, S-Video and a 10W mono speaker.

    Hitachi plans to start selling the projectors in Japan on May 5 with an open price model.

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    Hitachi Announces “World’s Smallest And Lightest” Short-Focus Projectors


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