How to Add Metal Inlay to Wood


Adding metal inlay is a nice way to provide visual pop to wooden objects or furniture: The art of inlay is something that used to take decades to master. Now, with digital fabrication tools–or heck, maybe even a trim router with a downcut bit guided by a steady hand–the cutting part goes a lot quicker. However, that doesn’t mean the work can be taken lightly. As Instructables user Ninjosh shows, there’s still a fair bit of manual labor and finessing involved: “Inlays are a great way to set your work apart in a crowded market, ” writes Ninjosh. If you’d like to give it a try yourself, he’s laid out a comprehensive Instructable listing all the tools you’ll need and offering plenty of helpful advice, including the all-important, time-saving what-not-to-do’s. Check it out here .

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How to Add Metal Inlay to Wood


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