How To Spice Up Your Amusement Park: Seafaring Sleep Orbs


I’m admittedly not the standard clientele for theme parks (long lines, rude kids and mediocre expensive food all give me hives), so getting me excited about a new attraction might or might not matter. But listen: if you let me sleep in a weird glass sea orb I will give you money.  This week the Japanese mega amusement park Huis Ten Bosch announced just such a new perk for visitors. If you weren’t already pumped for the sprawling odd Dutch-themed attractions or robotic hotel , maybe sleeping in a space pod will do the trick. They plan to offer the floating boat-esque rooms for nightly rental, as a part of the hotel accommodations on the park’s newly acquired private island. They feature two floors and a very ah, intimate view of the harbor. Details are still slim, but the teased design looks almost wholly spherical and features a glassy observation ceiling above a sleeping deck. Pretty nice way to enjoy the waves. The estimated price will be $260-$350 (¥30, 000 – ¥40, 000) per night, which is pretty doggone reasonable for a voluntary stay in a private UFO. Until more info drops stay on the look out for your own  Utsuro-bune and the spooky aquatic women that come with them.  H/T Japan Times via ArchDaily

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How To Spice Up Your Amusement Park: Seafaring Sleep Orbs


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