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HP’s Z1 Workstation: Designed So You Can Mess With It

Posted by kenmay on February - 17 - 2012


With so many things intentionally built so you cannot easily open them up and monkey with the innards, it’s refreshing to see the design of HP’s new Z1 workstation: The machine easily flips into a horizontal position for servicing, and the screen pops up as easy as a car hood. Even better, it’s been designed for completely tool-less adjustments—you can swap everything in and out with your bare fingers, so you don’t need one of those micro screwdriver sets with bits shaped like all of the individual Lucky Charms.


The attendant video is one of those that’s been branded a “Making of” but is in fact more commercial-y, though it’s worth watching to hear some of the inspirations and thinking behind the design:


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HP’s Z1 Workstation: Designed So You Can Mess With It

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