Ignite OSCON 2010 – Hacking Frequent Flyer Programs


    I gave an Ignite talk in OSCON 2010. It wasn’t recorded, but Brady had us record them the next day. I just discovered that the video was produced and posted to youtube . Ignite talks are very difficult, you don’t control the timing of the slides and you’ve got 5 minutes to get across enough of a complicated topic to be interesting. Take a look, tell me what you think? The airlines, fares, and frequent flyer programs a complicated semi-opaque rules based system. Systems are hackable. This talk will show examples of how to hack and manipulate. It’ll include how to fly around the world, in first class, for free. How to get free upgrades, and why somebody would do a mile run.

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    Ignite OSCON 2010 – Hacking Frequent Flyer Programs


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