Indian Students Built Motorcycle That Runs on Oxygen


    Engineering students in Palwal City, India, built a motorcycle that runs on a tank of compressed oxygen:

    “This bike is different from others because the engine doesn’t burn fuel, nor does the temperature rise. The air is compressed and transferred to the engine without any combustion. The piston reciprocates from the air pressure leading to an up-down movement, making the flywheel run and the bike move.”

    Students say the basic concept behind the invention is to achieve an equivalent thrust of blast inside the engine without using any combustion.

    The bike can run at a speed of six to 12 miles an hour for up to 370 miles using 100 liters of 300 PSI oxygen.

    Video at the link.

    Link via Walyou

    See original article:
    Indian Students Built Motorcycle That Runs on Oxygen


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