IR Jammer Kit: a TV-B-Gone-B-Gone



    You probably have heard of the TV-B-Gone. If you haven’t, it’s a small wireless gadget that will turn of any TV. Now, for people who hate the TV-B-Gone, or for people who hate it when someone changes the channel on a TV set in a public space, there’s the IR Jammer Kit.

    You know those people that just love to change the channel on the TV? Put an end to it with this, the IR Jammer Kit from the Maker Shed. Just press the button and you can render infrared remotes completely useless. Works with almost all IR controlled devices by corrupting IR data from the six commonly used transmission frequencies. Perfect for pranks and for showing the channel surfers who’s boss.

    Alan Parekh (creator of the IR Jammer) and Mitch Altman (creator of the TV-B-Gone) should join merge companies and call the new business Sylvester McMonkey McBean Incorporated.

    IR Jammer Kit. $18.99 in Maker Shed

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    IR Jammer Kit: a TV-B-Gone-B-Gone


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