Ken May – 1 Year Committed Athlete


Ken May Occupation: I own an IT services firm.   Type of training before CrossFit: Kung Fu on and off for years, primarily Southern Praying Mantis.   Favorite Workouts? Haha, as terrible as I am at it, I love running! Also, coming from zero weightlifting experience, I’m really enjoying those as well. Any hobbies you have outside of the gym? Family time, reading books, watching movies, and performing in my band.   Something about you that not too many people at WCSC know? I’m pretty weird: I read latin, I have a Master’s in acpuncture and a BA in liberal arts. I sing Gregorian Chant when I can, and scream in a metal band, haha. I used to be able to speak Romanian, but use it or lose it…I’ve got two books published and had my own radio show for over a year!   Any words of advice for newer members at WCSC? Anyone can do it! I struggled lifting the bar at first! I love the gym and the feeling of community here. Keep with it, be humble and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Remember: there will always be someone stronger, faster, younger and smarter than you. They’re around so we don’t get too lazy.

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Ken May – 1 Year Committed Athlete


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