Kim Dotcom now plans to give New Zealand free broadband pipe to US


The route of the proposed trans-Pacific fiber link. Pacific Fibre On the heels of the announcement of Megaupload’s pending resurrection as , Kim Dotcom has come up with a yet another way to promote himself, annoy the US and New Zealand governments, and rally public support in his battle to stop his extradition and end the copyright infringement case against him: he wants to give everyone in New Zealand free broadband service. The core of the plan is to revive the failed Pacific Fibre , an effort to create a broadband link from Australia and New Zealand directly to the US by way of a submarine cable to Los Angeles. The effort went bankrupt in August before reaching its goal. Dotcom’s plan is to complete the link, and to sell high-speed connections to government, businesses and foreign telecommunications companies—while giving New Zealand ISPs free access to provide connectivity for individual residents. “For every foreign user downloading from NZ (paid),” Dotcom posted on Twitter, “a Kiwi can download from outside NZ (free). The key: Storing data foreign users want in NZ.” Dotcom contends that the high-speed link would make New Zealand an attractive location for data centers; the country’s current shortage of global connectivity makes it an “Internet backwater,” he said. Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Kim Dotcom now plans to give New Zealand free broadband pipe to US


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