Kinect hack turns tourists into 3D souvenirs (video)


    As souvenirs go, a miniature replica of yourself — striking a pose of your choosing on Barcelona’s La Rambla street — is a far sight more original than a bullfights-and-senoritas snow globe. This past January, the hilariously titled BlablabLAB enlisted three Kinects and a RepRap machine to snap passersby and render them into personalized tchotchkes, in a project called Be Your Own Souvenir. Subjects stood atop a small platform, mimicking the human statues on La Rambla, as the Kinects captured their likeness in full 360-degree glory. The resulting images were then processed as a mesh reconstruction, saved as a G-code file, and then fed through a 3D printer — and voila, out popped the tiny statuettes. If you’re a fan of flashy editing and Kinect-based street experiments, check out the video after the break.

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